Monday, 24 October 2016

NWTCJNR: Aquathon Photos - More Later

NWTCJNR: Aquathon Results

Morning Everyone,

Firstly BIG thank you to all the Parents & Guardians, Auntie, Uncles, Friends & Families who all helped make yesterdays event a great success. What was evident was the enjoyment the children had on competing the aquathon, our smileometer blew up. No mention of winning or loosing only joy on completing a very competitive event.

Congratulations to all yesterdays competitors and to those regulars missed yesterday, you missed a great day but don't worry we will  have more soon.

As always and finally Well Done Competitors and Thanks you Helpers.

Results (Here) Photos to Follow;

Thursday, 20 October 2016

NWTCJNR: Club Aquathon - 23rd Oct 2016 @9am

Hello All,

This Sunday 23rd Oct we will have our 1st Club Aquathon of the new season. This time to make if fairer or more balanced for everyone we will go with age group and follow as closely as we can the distances below.


Plan for the day is; (subject to change depending on numbers)

8:45 - 09:10 - Registration (name, DOB, race number given, wave & lane allocated)
8:45 - 09:00 setup transition (your t-shirt , running shoes, towel etc.)
9:00am in the water everyone for a 10 min warm up.
9:15am 1st wave away
9.20am 2nd wave away
9.25am 3rd wave away
9.30am 4th wave away

9.35am 5th wave away
9.45am 6 wave away

This will be a straight through Aquathon, the clock will start when the swim whistle goes and stop when you cross the Run finish line.

REMEMBER ITS FUN so Enjoy your self......

Wednesday, 19 October 2016

NWTCJNR: Last weeks Session - Report

Someone got the forecast for last Sunday wrong, Very WRONG, it wasn't dry, it wasn't warm it wasn't nice but "IT WAS GREAT" said a very enthusiastic muck covered young person who shall remain for now nameless.  It wasn't a great morning cold, wet & a little windy but that didn't put off the Mighty NWTCJNR squad who braced the weather and everything thrown at them to cycle their way around St Columbs Park, the Greenway, Gransha Grounds and even for some of them out the line & into a field. 

As you can see from the photos here everyone although wet enjoyed it.

thanks Noel & Aine for the photos