Cycling this sunday 17th Nov

New Cycling Venue (Gransha Grounds)


This Sunday and possibly for the next few weeks (we can discuss and decide on Sunday)we will meet and cycle in the Gransha grounds. Using Gransha provides new challenges for our junior members while also avoiding an area that is going to get very busy over the next few weeks with Christmas shoppers. We hope this move of venue doesn't  inconvenience you in anyway.
Once you enter the Gransha grounds take the 1st left. It’s about 300mtrs and we will meet in the car park.
Mountain Bikes:
If you’re riding a mountain bike, hybrid or BMX and want to test your off road skills we have a course for you. Just be aware if the weather is wet or has been wet in the previous few days you are going to get dirty, very dirty so dress appropriately please :-)
Road Bikes:
If your riding a road bike don’t worry we have a great course for you also, nice quiet roads plenty of turns, climbs and straights just what you want :-)
Meeting Time:
Same time meet @ 2pm finish by 3.15 - 3.30pm.  

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