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Aquathon 23rd Feb

Well done again to everyone who took part in our 1st Aquathon of 2014. We will be holding another in a few weeks time and the purpose of this one today was to give you a baseline or starting place to work from. It was great to see the weeks of swim training paying of and as for the running well it was just amazing.

a special thanks also to all the parent who came down to the running track to support all our athletes, I'm sure the children appreciated your support every bit as much as we did.

Well done again all & see you next Sunday morning,

ResultsNWTCJNR Aquathon 23rd Feb 2014Name LengthsSwim Time Run TimeLapsConor Brattin106.3912.566Eoim Canavan4.232Cara Curran146.2614.386Sean Curran106.039.404Aidan Cutliffe104.267.044Ruairi Cutliffe63.483.392Rose Deery105.44Amy Lundy63.174.372Ellie Lundy2.441Ryan Lundy63.455.032Sophie Lewis146.0213.496Aidan McAteer5.012Shannon Mcclenghan106.4214.056Una McDermott62.534.142Mia McKinney62.434.162Flionn McLaughlin63.353.432Dearbhla Mo…

NWTCJNR Club Aquathon 20th Feb

Morning everyone,
This sunday 23rd Feb we will be holding our 1st Club Aquathon. For those of you new to the sport an Aquathon is a swim followed by a run with the distance of each being set by your age (see table below for swim & run details). The purpose of our  Aquathon is to give the junior athlete a baseline to work from and to introduce them to this type of event. Most of the junior athletes have been swimming for a few months and have done a few run but not back to back. During 2014 the NWTC, other triathlon clubs in the northwest and Derry City Council will be introducing Aquathon races as part of Triathlon Ireland and Derry City Council sports development plans. We will help in this programme and in addition prepare our athlete for these races. Before you ask entry to the Aquathon is free :-) the junior athletes just have to pay their normal swim fee.

So Sunday morning bring your running gear as well if you want to take part in the Aquathon.
On Sunday Morning go into the…

training schedule

We are trying to formalise a training programme for the junior section
that will take us up to the middle of June, when we are planning to
hold our big event, comprising triathlon, duathlon and aquathon. Until
we get the plan finalised, this is our plan for the next couple of

Next Sunday, 15th February is Club 5k. 3k for the junior
section. Start for juniors is 10:30. Because of Club presentation
night on 15th February, there will be no swim session next Sunday
morning, nor will there be a cycling session in the afternoon.

22nd February will be the first of our club competitions. There will
be an aquathon on the Sunday morning. an aquathon consists of a swim
and a run, with varying distances for different age groups. Please
remember to pack running gear with your swim gear next next Sunday.
There will be no bike session that day.

Sunday 29th February. Swim
and bike sessions as per normal.

By Sunday 29th February we expect all
juniors taking part in…

Sunday 9th Feb NWTCJNR activities


Swimming as usual this sunday morning in the pool for 9.10am, Remember to Sign in !!! then in the afternoon as the spring is here we will restart our afternoon cycles. Lets all meet up at the Foyle Railway Station, Letterkenny Road at 2pm. IF the weather is awful needless to say we will postpone the cycle, as of now the forecast is or should be ok so here's hoping.

So if the weather is good the cycle is on, if the weather is bad and i mean awful not a wee shower its off , if its a wee shower, remember you are triathletes, the cycles will be on. Swimming is on as you are expected to get wet here. Remember to SIGN IN !!!!!

See you all on Sunday..

bike session cancelled 2nd february

The forecast today is very changeable, but it will be quite windy all
day, so we have taken the decision to cancel the bike session today.
Please remember that there will be no bike session next week either, as
Club5k/3k is on directly after swimming. Keep an eye on the website
for further news and updates