NWTCJNR Club Aquathon 20th Feb

Morning everyone,

This sunday 23rd Feb we will be holding our 1st Club Aquathon. For those of you new to the sport an Aquathon is a swim followed by a run with the distance of each being set by your age (see table below for swim & run details). The purpose of our  Aquathon is to give the junior athlete a baseline to work from and to introduce them to this type of event. Most of the junior athletes have been swimming for a few months and have done a few run but not back to back. During 2014 the NWTC, other triathlon clubs in the northwest and Derry City Council will be introducing Aquathon races as part of Triathlon Ireland and Derry City Council sports development plans. We will help in this programme and in addition prepare our athlete for these races. Before you ask entry to the Aquathon is free :-) the junior athletes just have to pay their normal swim fee.

So Sunday morning bring your running gear as well if you want to take part in the Aquathon.

On Sunday Morning go into the pool as normal & do your warm up.
Before the swim section of the Aquathon we will organise you into your correct lane.
the coaches will explain how the lanes will be managed
once your swim completes you will exit the pool, get dried and changed ready for the run
the coaches will take you out to the running track and divide you up into groups
the groups will be based on age / distance to be run.
times will be recorded for the swim and the run.

this is a training event "make it fun" there will be plenty of time to be competitive.
don't be afraid just do you best.
there will be no placing, just record a time for you from which you can build or improve
enjoy yourself

Good Luck & see you on Sunday morning

Parents more than welcome to come along and support

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