Sunday 6th April sessions

Swimming will take place as normal this Sunday.

As posted previously,
level 2 cycling times have changed and below are names of those who
have replied to book their places and times. There are still 4 places
left for session 2, so please contact asap if you wish to participate.
we have tried to accommodate people's commitments, but if your name is
down and you can't make the time, please reply asap.

As with Level 1,
bikes will be available, but you can bring your own if you prefer.

Session 1: 1-3

Flionn Mc Laughlin
Oisin Gallagher
Cara Curran
Conor Rabbett
Una Mc Dermott
Daire Mc Dermott
Zach Mc Dermott

Session 2: 3-5

Mia Mc Kinney
Shannon mc Clenaghan
Ciaran Concannon

Shea Mc Callion

Forecast is good for Sunday afternoon, but remember to
bring helmet.

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