Weekend Activities 15th June

This Sunday will be the same format as last Sunday swim, bike & run and of course FUN...

Swimming as usual from 9.10am to 9.50am the usual 40 mins. Donna, Emma-Jo, Paddy, Alvaro & Gerard are all looking forward to seeing you on the pool deck & getting you race ready :-)

Then straight after at 10am its going to be a bike session for 40 mins in the grounds of Templemore (Mountain bike, hybrid or bmx bikes) and then straight into a run session.for 20 mins.

Then it's onto the bikes, if you cannot bring your bike this Sunday morning DON'T PANIC we will have some bikes available but it's always better to cycle your own bike. also MAKE SURE YOU BRING & WEAR YOUR HELMET. again if your borrowing a bike then there will be a helmet for you.

PARENTS: it might be worth perhaps sending with your children this Sunday a snack and something to drink in case we actually get a good day.

looking forward to seeing all our young athletes this Sunday @ the complex

also just for info planning is well under way & more importantly under control so everything is building for the BIG race next week. PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU REGISTER to ensure you goodie bag on the day.

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