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Sunday 18th January session

Hi folks

Unfortunately tomorrow morning's cycling session has fallen foul of
the weather. We waited as long as possible to see if there would

enough of a thaw to take the ice off the paths, but it seems that

not going to happen and the cycle paths will remain quite

Because of this, tomorrow's session will be swim only.

Sorry for the late notice.

While we are on the subject of change, please note that the session

the 8th of February will not take place. The Club Awards night is on

the night before and there just might be a few delicate heads the


See you all in the morning.

11th Jan session #1 2015

It was great to see almost everyone back yesterday morning at training. Whilst a lot of people took advantage of the bad weather and stayed in bed over 30 young northwest triathletes took to the water for their first session of 2015.

Paddy, Alvaro and Gerry had the kids going in no time and we even had some new faces in the water lapping the pool with their friends. Our swim sessions are based on both technique and endurance and it was evident and commented on by the swim coaches the improvements noticeable in the young swimmers.

This was quickly followed by a run session to ease you all back into 2015. what was missing yesterday was the participation of some of the adults but there is always next week :-) Tommy's run session was exactly what the kids and even some adults needed to know "running isn't just legs only". When the Kids entered the hall initially it was cold but within 15 mins hats were being thrown off, water was being consumed and breathing was heavy.


Nice write up from Triathlon Ireland.

Just noticed this article this week. Our governing body has recognized the effort the junior members, the parents, the coaches and clubs. Well done everyone and let keep going.

Training Programme Q1 2015

It's here the Training programme for Q1 2015.

Q1 2015 Training Programme

Welcome Back .....

Firstly Happy New Year everyone...

Training starts back this Sunday the 11th Jan at 9am in the complex for a gentle swim (only joking its not going to be gentle) then followed by a run fitness session. We want to show you the improvements your are making and want to use this weeks run session as a baseline fitness opportunity. So Swimming & Running this Sunday morning.

See you all then.

Also later today we will post the training programme for quarter 1 (Jan - Apr)