Fw: Sunday 22nd March

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>Subj: Sunday
22nd March
>This Sunday sees our first club training race of the new
>will be holding our first duathlon of the season and
there will be 2
>Primary school distance: 1 lap run, 1
lap bike, 1 lap run
>Secondary school distance: 2 lap run, 2 lap
bike, 1 lap run
>arrive at Complex at normal swim time, but
remember there will be no
>swim on Sunday.
>Bring bike and helmet
and if you do not have a
>mountain bike, one can be borrowed on the
>There will be a warm up
>before the race, but the whole thing
should be complete before 10am.
>The Junior Club will then be
taking a break over the Easter holidays
>for 2 weeks, before getting
you all geared up to take part in our main
>event in June.

>Application forms are now out for this event.

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