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Sunday's session

This Sunday sees our last training session before our big event and it is also the last session before the summer break.Sunday's session will be the usual swim followed by a bike session which will take us out to ballyarnet park, where the older members will get a chance to test out their bike handling skills on tricky downhill tracks.  It's also a great opportunity for younger members to develop their skills on a variety of terrain, so there is something for everyone.The more adults we have to accompany the group, the better we can cater for the different abilities. Bikes and helmets are available for any parent wanting to take part.  So, no excuses.Following the bike, refreshments will be served for all in the old gym. This is a chance to mark the end of the year, a chance to make suggestions, ask questions and hopefully get volunteers to sign up for training which we have spoken about previously.Weather on Sunday will be a scorching 14 degrees😄, so get out there.This is yo…

Are you interested in becoming a coach or helper in the junior club?

The junior club is going from stregth to strength and the level of
coaching being offered to our junior athletes is outstanding and
matched nowhere on this island. We have a very dedicated bunch of
coaches who give up their Sunday mornings to give first class coaching
and they will testify to the enjoyment and satisfaction they get from
this sacrifice of their time.

There are only a few weeks left before
the junior members take part in their own big event and it would be
great to see as many of our senior members as possible coming along to
help out on the day. There is a role for everyone on the day as we are
hoping to have over 300 young people taking part in aquathon, duathlon
or triathlon, so please give a few hours of your time to make this
event as enjoyable and successful as possible.

The junior club will
then be taking a break for the summer months to start back in September
with a new, exciting and challenging programme and we are looking to
grow our pool of c…

Training Update next few Weeks

Well done everyone last week, Paddy, Gerard & Alvaro all commented on how much the swimming of everybody has improved especially over this past few weeks so take a bow each & everyone of you.

Sunday also saw our first bike in a long time (you nice weather cyclists) and given the day that was in it we added a little run after the cycle. The reason we use the grass course is because this is the course the kids will ride on the day on the tryathlon. by getting them used to the grass now it wont be such a big shock on the day. riding on the grass takes about 10-25 % more effort that riding on a concrete or road surface.

We will do the same this week as last week Swim, Bike & Run. If your child has a bike and you can manage it bring the bike along please do so that way if there is something wrong with the bike or the bike is not suitable for the course or the child you will find out a few week before the event rather than on the day. See below some images regarding bike sizing …