Training Update next few Weeks

Well done everyone last week, Paddy, Gerard & Alvaro all commented on how much the swimming of everybody has improved especially over this past few weeks so take a bow each & everyone of you.

Sunday also saw our first bike in a long time (you nice weather cyclists) and given the day that was in it we added a little run after the cycle. The reason we use the grass course is because this is the course the kids will ride on the day on the tryathlon. by getting them used to the grass now it wont be such a big shock on the day. riding on the grass takes about 10-25 % more effort that riding on a concrete or road surface.

We will do the same this week as last week Swim, Bike & Run. If your child has a bike and you can manage it bring the bike along please do so that way if there is something wrong with the bike or the bike is not suitable for the course or the child you will find out a few week before the event rather than on the day. See below some images regarding bike sizing & fitting

So plan for the next few weeks

Sunday 17th May - Swim, Bike, Run
Sunday 24th May - Swim Bike Run
Sunday 31st May - Kids Mini Marathon - this is a great event make sure your kids are signed up.
Sunday 7th June -   firmus energy Kids Tryathlon

Kids Bike Sizing Chart - in case you want to buy a bike or pass one on from an older child.

Helmet Fitting Size & Guide - Think safety first I had a bike crash 15 years ago and the helmet saved my life i'm certain of that.

Proper Bike Fitting - This is important if the bike is too big, too small or setup incorrectly your child is more likely to have a fall or get hurt from riding the bike. If you are unsure about the setup of your childs bike feel free to speak to any of the coaches who would be only glad to help. 
See you all Sunday Morning 

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