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sunday 4th october

There was a fantastic turnout of young people this Sunday once again.
There were 42 people in the pool, all being worked hard by our swim
coaches Alvaro, Paddy and Gerard. There was an equally big turnout for
the bike session and with loads of help from our newly trained leaders,
we were able to divide the group into 3, and each group was able to
work on bike handling skills in a range of conditions. The weather was
very kind to us of course and hopefully that will continue into next

Because of the beginning of the womens triathlon group, as
well as the annual handling of Marty's Run at 11am next Sunday, we had
arranged to have a dampdash next Sunday, but this was not changed on
the plan and I told people on Sunday that we would meet for a cycle
next Sunday at 9am at Gransha.

We will now revert to what we decided
at the meeting on the first week back i.e. dampdash this Sunday, then
cycle only the Sunday after.

Hope this clears things up and thanks
once …
Sorry for very late notice, thought this was posted earlier in week.Run session after Swim in morning.New price structure.£2 for one, £3 for two or £4 for three from same family.Also possible to pay for 12 weeks upfront.£20 for one, £36 for two and £48 for 3 from same family.See you all there.Good nite.Sent from my 4G Ready LG G2 on Three

Junior Training Programme

Here it is!

The much anticipated new training programme for the juniors,
beginning next Sunday 20th September.

Swimming starts at 9:10am, which means you need to be in
the water to start at that time, not arrive then.

Our three swim coaches are just itching to get back at it, so be

On the first Sunday we will also be testing your fitness, so bring
along training gear, for inside and outside.

Cost is still £1.50, which is fantastic value.

During the swim session we would like to meet with parents to discuss
plans for taking the club forward. This is

a discussion, and we would really appreciate your input, so please come

In the meantime, Limavady triathlon is taking place this Saturday, so
good luck to all taking part.

If you know of anybody who wants to give triathlon a try, tell them to
come along. The only requirement is that

they can swim 4 lengths of the pool without stopping.