Sunday 25th October

Just a wee note about this Sunday's session.

Following the swim, we will be doing a brief session on bike

How to fix and change a

How to look after your brakes

How to stop chain from getting rusty

If you have a bike, please bring it along as we hope to give everyone a
chance to put these new skills into practice.

It is very likely that you might get dirt and or oil on your hands or
clothes at this session, so please bring old clothes and maybe a pair
of rubber gloves, or wet wipes if you do not have gloves.

This session is suitable for parents as well our young athletes, but we
will be encouraging our young athletes to do as much as possible.
Parents will not always be there when you are out on a cycle and
something goes wrong with your bike.

If your bike does not have quick release wheels, please bring spanners
to fit, which you should carry at all bike sessions.

At Sunday's session we are also going to get an official Junior Club
photograph, which we can display on our website and also on our club
notice board outside the changing rooms. If you have any club gear to
wear for the photograph, please bring it along.

See you all on Sunday.

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