Training 22nd Nov.BIKE only, NEW BIKE COURSE.

Hello All,

Back to normal this week, well almost normal. Firstly thank you to Caroline Mc Menamin who stepped in last Sunday morning to help Tommy with the running drills session, at last minute we switched to indoors due the the weather and of course the female try-a-tri event that was taking place. we didnt want anyone trampled on :-)

This week there will be NO SWIM SESSION, BIKE ONLY and a NEW COURSE. We will use the cycle loop around inch and the farland bank. This is a closed path route and a very flat safe course, for the older secondary school children we have a little "challenge" for them so make sure you bring a clean set of clothes to go home in when the sessions is over just in case.

Directions to the start car park are easy. drive from Derry in the direction of Buncrana, just as you are entering Burnfoot and directly after E&I engineering take a left turn in the direction of Burt (go across the slab road) and continue on this road for approx 2.5 miles. the road makes a 90 degree turn left up towards Burt chapel, DONT go in the direction of Burt take the right turn off the road at the corner (follow the sign for wildlife reserve) at the end of this road is the carpark and the start and end point of the cycle.

The bike sessions will last approx 60-70 minutes.

we can meet in the templemore carpark at 9.30 and depart at 9.45 or if your happy just go directly to the wildlife reserve carpark. The session will start at 10am

This is the cycle route, see you all on Sunday Morning.

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