Happy 2016 and 1st Training Session of the new Year & Stuff.

Morning Everyone,

Happy New Year, Tomorrow sees our first sessions of 2016 and its a swim & bike. As usual swim starts @ 9.10 that means Paddy, Alvaro & Gerard start the session at 9.10 so please be in the water and ready to go by this time. The swim finishes at 9.50 then its a quick change and onto the bikes for the 1st cycle of 2016. We will break the groups up based on age/ability and travel difference distances & speeds but all in the same direction (we hope). As you can imagine the weather plays a big part in our planning of outdoor activities and we have delayed this post until now as we figure/hope the MET Office, BBC, RTE etc. can forecast with some accuracy over 24 hrs :-).

PLEASE MAKE SURE YOUR CHILD IS DRESSED APPROPRIATELY for the cycle as it can get very cold on the bike especially the hands.

If you got a new bike why not bring it along, we have access to some bikes at the complex but other groups are now also borrowing from the same pool so to be sure you get a bike, if you can please bring your own.

Club Membership, Triathlon Membership are all due for payment now in Jan for this year. we will discuss with the parents tomorrow morning all the details about membership, how to go about this process and whats involved. Dont Panic you only have to pay for the swim tomorrow morning.

We have some exciting news coming in the next few weeks about additional events in 2016 that we didn't have in 2015 or 2014 and as members of the club you will be the 1st to know once agreement with the various bodies is in place and dates have been fixed.

Happy New Year to you, your junior triathletes and all you friends and family, we hope the 2016 brings you health and happiness 

See you all tomorrow :-)

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