NWTCJNR: Training 15th May 2016

Hello Everyone,

Firstly apologies about the late post please forgive me, work & life seem this week to get in the way :-)

anyway this Sunday we will have a TRIALathlon, what is a trialathlon ? well it's a Trial Triathlon you have all practised your  T1 & T2 last week, have been Swimming, Biking & Running so lets try it all together in one morning and see how it all goes.

Swim, Bike & Run.

As its a trial it would be best to bring your OWN bike & Helmet, don't panic if you haven't got one we will organise one for you but to give yourself the best chance and proper test you should use your own equipment.

We will run this event in as near like triathlon as possible the only exception is post the swim we will not have you running down the stairs. after the swim you can get dressed then when downstairs we will start again with T1 bike pickup, then T2 & RUN.

Don't under stand, don't PANIC we will talk you through it on Sunday morning.

SEE you all Sunday Morning

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