NWTCJNR: Training 16th Oct - BIKE ONLY

Well after about 1,000 requests we finally gave in & its back this Sunday morning the now whats called Ollies Bike :-). Lets meet in the car park at the bottom of Browning Drive, you know First left past Ebrington off the Limavady Road, down onto Browning Drive and the 1st Right.

Meet up at about 9.45 / 9.50 lets get away for 10am latest and be back at the car park again for 11am and into Ollies for Hot Chocolate for 11.15 (last person in Pays)

Looking forward to see you all on Sunday Morning - Rest well you will need it :-)

To give you an idea of what it will be like watch this video. Wee Day Out - Watch This - Enjoy.

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