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Ho Ho Ho,

It's that time of year again, party time this Sunday morning in the complex for all NWTCJNR members yippee i hear you say, well there is just one more hurdle to get over the annual swim Paddy & Gerard session called "I'm a NWTCJNR get me out of this SWIM Session" swim usual time 9.10am start session ends @ 9:50am then quick change & downstairs for well PARTY.

See you all Sunday Morning :-)

Aine little elfs (Mum, Dads, & Guardians ) again this year can we ask for your help any home bakes, little treats and budding Granny Berries who want to show off their backing skills all baked.bought contributions are very welcome :-) for co-ordination or if you have any questions then Mrs Claws (yes i did spell it correct) will gladly provide info and is available at or contact the Christmas Grinch - photo below

NWTCJNR: Last Weeks Cycle

hello everyone,

Sorry meant to do this earlier in the week but it took me 2 days to clean my bike after sunday morning. What a morning, cool, crisp, foggy, MUCKY class right. Well done to everyone including the many volunteer parents who came along for the run, sorry i mean fun :-)

over 40 children and 10+ adults cycles their way around inch with the older bunch going even further well done to you folks on that one. As for the rest of us we just played on the hills, and went FLAT out through the puddles & muck (Some photos below) & generally had a great time.

NWTCJNR: Training 27th Nov Its Winter Cycling :-)

Right its Bike Only down at inch (sorry for the late notice) we were waiting on the latest weather forecast, we didnt want to cancel but we also have be aware of safety both on the course & getting there. thankfully the forecast has improved (a little) enough to allow us to go ahead.

We will meet up at about 9.50 and try & get away as close to 10am as possible. The meeting point can be either carpark but ideally if we can all get to one carpark . the big carpark directions are here
Big Car Park It's actually quite simple. Main Letterkenny Rd from Bridgend. Go past Burt Chapel, Burt Hotel (on left) and Burt Post Office (on right). When you get to Burt Hall (on left) take a right turn off the main road and follow that road to it's end (about 3km) where you'll find the car park...
Small Car Park
just as you enter burnfoot from the derry side at E&I (Powerbar) take a left across the SLAB road, when you come to the hard left just at the farm entrance DO NOT Follow the m…

NWTCJNR: Seamus's Hour of Pain - or Kids S&C class

Firstly well done to everyone on completing, maybe surviving might be a better way of putting it Sunday morning past Seamus Lewis S&C class. We have over 50 junior triathletes being put through their paces under the careful eye of Seamus & team. I think its easy to see how much the junior triathletes enjoyed their morning & in case you are unsure just take a look at the photos attached.

As always a big thank you to all parents who helped out, assisted or were there to help carry the juniors home :-)

Next Week is bike only and its most likely inch island more details to follow on thursday or friday morning, sorry about leaving it this late but you all know what the weather is like at the moment & safety is our priority so we will confirm location & time later in the week.

Well done everyone & remember Christmas Party is on the 3rd Dec - Yippee

NWTCJNR: Photos from Sundays 2k Run

Well done to everyone who completed & competed in last sundays 2k. a special thank you to Martin Byrne for managing & coordinating the event definitely a man of many talents. His extremely accurate measurement of the course had him covering almost 14k (by foot) in the previous 2 days trying to find the most suitable course. Thank you also to all the marshals & time keepers, lap counters  etc. as well for your help in running the event we have said it before & will always say it without your willing help things just wouldn't happen & also thank you Noel Hagan who obviously had a high speed lens to capture these flyers. 
The times will be posted tomorrow but for now enjoy the photos of Tomorrows Athletes, Today :-)

NWTCJNR: Training Change 20th Nov

Hello Everyone,

This Sunday the junior club will have a Strength & Conditioning sessions only No - Swimming starting @ 9:30am. The session will last approx 60 mins so should be finished up approx 10:30am This sessions is for all juniors so No bike for the older kids this week either.

This change has been made at the request of the juniors themselves who really enjoyed the session last time & some even complained that it was over too early. With so many juniors expected we will need as much adult help as possible and last time some adults even joined in demonstrating how things are done. .(they recovered ok.)

NWTCJNR: Last Shop of 2016 & Change of Training this Sunday 20th Nov. S&C Only @ 9:30am

Hello Everyone,

This Sunday (20th Nov) Aine will be taking orders for junior club gear (see the image below for pricing, size and product description) we need to get the order into the supplier ASAP to guarantee delivery in time for Christmas for those who need product before Christmas.

Anyone wishing to order must pay cash/cheque when placing order. To be clear & we say this every year, you are under no obligation to purchase anything, the price to you is the charge to us we do not attempt to make any profit from these sales.

I speak for Aine when I say that if you had exact change or at least as close as you can that it would be Very appreciated.

Training Change S&C @ 9:30am - No Swimming
ALSO due to popular request & demand from the junior members (themselves)  this Sunday will be a Seamus Lewis lead Strength & Conditioning class for everyone STARTING @ 9:30am and finishing around 10:30am - No Swimming  - No Swinning - No Seimming

Click the above to make it bigger or…

Swim sessions and Sunday 13th training

In an attempt to address the issue of capacity of numbers in some of
the swim lanes at Sunday morning sessions, specifically the lanes
coached by Paddy Bradley, Club coaches had hoped to introduce a swim
session on a Thursday at 5pm, where there would have been 2 lanes
devoted to juniors. Unfortunately, there has not been sufficient
interest from members to make this a viable option to pursue, so it
looks like we will continue with our session on a Sunday morning for
all, as well as the session on a Tuesday night, where we have one lane
in Foyle Arena at 8pm, for those older juniors, preparing them to make
the transition to the senior club sessions.

This Sunday we will resume after our short mid-term break and the plan
is to have our swim session as normal. This will be followed by a run
session, consisting of a timed 2k run, as well as warm up and cool
down. This is taking the place of the 5k/2k series which was due to
happen along the Quay and Bay Road. The 2k will t…