NWTCJNR: Last Shop of 2016 & Change of Training this Sunday 20th Nov. S&C Only @ 9:30am

Hello Everyone,

This Sunday (20th Nov) Aine will be taking orders for junior club gear (see the image below for pricing, size and product description) we need to get the order into the supplier ASAP to guarantee delivery in time for Christmas for those who need product before Christmas.

Anyone wishing to order must pay cash/cheque when placing order. To be clear & we say this every year, you are under no obligation to purchase anything, the price to you is the charge to us we do not attempt to make any profit from these sales.

I speak for Aine when I say that if you had exact change or at least as close as you can that it would be Very appreciated.

Training Change S&C @ 9:30am - No Swimming
ALSO due to popular request & demand from the junior members (themselves)  this Sunday will be a Seamus Lewis lead Strength & Conditioning class for everyone STARTING @ 9:30am and finishing around 10:30am - No Swimming  - No Swinning - No Seimming

Click the above to make it bigger or (click here for A4 pdf)

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