NWTCJNR: Seamus's Hour of Pain - or Kids S&C class

Firstly well done to everyone on completing, maybe surviving might be a better way of putting it Sunday morning past Seamus Lewis S&C class. We have over 50 junior triathletes being put through their paces under the careful eye of Seamus & team. I think its easy to see how much the junior triathletes enjoyed their morning & in case you are unsure just take a look at the photos attached.

As always a big thank you to all parents who helped out, assisted or were there to help carry the juniors home :-)

Next Week is bike only and its most likely inch island more details to follow on thursday or friday morning, sorry about leaving it this late but you all know what the weather is like at the moment & safety is our priority so we will confirm location & time later in the week.

Well done everyone & remember Christmas Party is on the 3rd Dec - Yippee

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