NWTCJNR: Training 27th Nov Its Winter Cycling :-)

Right its Bike Only down at inch (sorry for the late notice) we were waiting on the latest weather forecast, we didnt want to cancel but we also have be aware of safety both on the course & getting there. thankfully the forecast has improved (a little) enough to allow us to go ahead.

We will meet up at about 9.50 and try & get away as close to 10am as possible. The meeting point can be either carpark but ideally if we can all get to one carpark . the big carpark directions are here

Big Car Park
It's actually quite simple. Main Letterkenny Rd from Bridgend. Go past Burt Chapel, Burt Hotel (on left) and Burt Post Office (on right). When you get to Burt Hall (on left) take a right turn off the main road and follow that road to it's end (about 3km) where you'll find the car park...

Small Car Park
just as you enter burnfoot from the derry side at E&I (Powerbar) take a left across the SLAB road, when you come to the hard left just at the farm entrance DO NOT Follow the main road towards Burt Chapel take the RIGHT small narrow minor road. At the Bottom of this road is the car park.

Gerry will be at one Car Park, Austin will be at the other and all cyclists will come together before we head around the island.

Its going to be cold MAKE SURE you dress warmly MAKE SURE you have gloves the finger get very cold and is possible hats or snoods under your helmets.

See you all in the Morning :-) Chilli Cycling.com  

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