Swim sessions and Sunday 13th training

In an attempt to address the issue of capacity of numbers in some of
the swim lanes at Sunday morning sessions, specifically the lanes
coached by Paddy Bradley, Club coaches had hoped to introduce a swim
session on a Thursday at 5pm, where there would have been 2 lanes
devoted to juniors. Unfortunately, there has not been sufficient
interest from members to make this a viable option to pursue, so it
looks like we will continue with our session on a Sunday morning for
all, as well as the session on a Tuesday night, where we have one lane
in Foyle Arena at 8pm, for those older juniors, preparing them to make
the transition to the senior club sessions.

This Sunday we will resume after our short mid-term break and the plan
is to have our swim session as normal. This will be followed by a run
session, consisting of a timed 2k run, as well as warm up and cool
down. This is taking the place of the 5k/2k series which was due to
happen along the Quay and Bay Road. The 2k will take place within the
vicinity of the Sports Complex.

For the senior juniors, there will be a bike session, leaving the
complex at 9:15 sharp.

It's going to be cold and possibly wet, so wrap up well.

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