NWTCJNR: Training 22nd Jan - Swim & S&C

Morning Everyone :-)

Firstly what a great start to the year last Sunday morning, it was great to see everyone back at it again swimming, running & what a Strength & Conditioning session. Following a chat/discussion/debate whatever you want to call it we have changed the training programme for the next few weeks and the new training programme is attached here below.

As we always say safety first & given what was planned and is still planned for Jan weather wise, we are taking the weather out of the equation. So for the next few weeks we will keep going with the Swim, Run, S&C.

As always thank you to the parents who help out on the sessions, quite simply you all should feel proud, your input makes these sessions what they are Functional, Entertaining & Safe

Ok for the older group, you do the same as last week while the main group are swimming you will go with Seamus and do a strength & conditioning circuit @ 9:10am. For any parents who want they can also join into this FIRST sessions with the older kids.

There you have it all you need to know :-) see you all on Sunday Morning.

here is a pdf version for printing & sticking on the fridge (click here)

any questions let us know at info@nwtcjnr.com

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