NWTCJNR: Event 2nd April Errigal

This weekend see a first for us a group accent of Errigal. Errigal is the highest mountain in Donegal and on a clear day can give great views over the poison glen & the donegal coast line. Errigal is over 750mtr high or 2500ft high in old money and is approx 1.5 miles from the carpark (where you start) to the summit. 

The Bus will leave the complex at 10am sharp returning approx 4pm. Please be in the Templemore Sports Complex Carpark by 9.45am as we would like to get away by 10am sharp. 

Bus Cost is £5 per adult & £3 per child.

The walk starts off slow, as you are moving through a patch of bog land so take your time walk around the wet & keep yourself dry as you can and safe at all times. Hill walking is great fun but can be dangerous so please listen at all times to the coaches & parents/guardians.

Near to the top is shale (sharp loose stones) be VERY careful here both on the way up and especially the way down. the stones are very loose and can move easily once stood on. As you get close to the top there are a few things to look out for. to your right as you ascend close to the top the path goes close to the edge SLOW DOWN, WALK with CARE & No MESSING please as it can be dangerous.

Ascending Errigal will be a great achievement make sure you all take plenty pictures and be smiling in most of them. Good luck to you all

Some details about Errigal.  

At 751 metres, Errigal is the highest mountain in Donegal and it’s majestic glittering quartzite peak dominates the northwest corner of Ireland. For many, it is quite simply the most beautiful mountain in the country and it is certainly among the most climbed despite its remote location. Errigal has the magical quality of appearing to change shape depending on what direction you view it from.

"Quite simply a superb mountain that belies it’s modest height and a highly recommended walk for anyone spending time in this superbly scenic area. Errigal looks a proper mountain and on it’s airy summit, it really feels special and it is easy to see why this stunning quartzite peak has been and continues to be revered. One I’ll definitely be returning to at the first opportunity."

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