Sunday 12th March Club Triathlon

This Sunday 12th March, the junior club will be holding a duathlon
along "The Line". As this is a tarmac surface, we will be trying to
adhere to distances advised by Triathlon Ireland, which are listed
below for the various age groups. This will be a great opportunity to
test your fitness levels after all the hard work in training you have
been doing over the winter.

The plan is to meet at Foyle Valley railway car park on Foyle Road at 9:
30am, then walk or cycle up to starting point, which will be at the
football pitches after Coshowen. The edge of the football pitches will
act as our transition area. The first group will begin by 10am and
numbers will determine how many and which age groups we set off each

The whole event should be completed by 11am.

Remember to bring helmets. Road bikes can be used as well as mountain

This is a public pathway, so we need to ensure that we are mindful of
walkers, joggers, dogs and other cyclists.

Hopefully the weather will be kind for us on the day, but if it's not,
bring a rain jacket.

For parents/guardians to help out on the day, it will be useful to
bring a bike so that we can have as many people out on the course as
possible to support, help and make sure everyone gets finished safely.

DUATHLON Distances from Triathlon Ireland

Run Bike Run

6 - 7 Years 250m 2km 250m

8 – 9 Years 400m 2.5km 400m

10 – 11 Years 1km 6km 800m

12 – 13 Years 1.5km 8km 1km

14 - 15 Years 2km 10km 1.5km

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