Coaches (not the Bus type)

The Swimming Coaches.

Gerard Curran.

Originally coming from a Gaelic Football background, Gerard after a football stopping injury moved to the more relaxing sport of swimming. having a sports pedigree at his core it was long before Gerard started competing in swimming galas. Not finding this challenging enough Gerard joined the NWTC, took to the longer distance swim scene 5k, 10k 15k and so on and as they say "the rest is ....." . Giving something back Gerard can be seen on many pool decks and is a favourite of the kids whom he coaches.

Paddy Bradley

Paddy is to swimming in Derry what air is to breathing it just doesn't happen without. Paddy has coached more children and adults that the population of some counties in Ireland. Paddy's unique style is to deliver clear instruction, while breaking down the skill and presenting this in a way that is clearly understood by the swimmer, with Paddy on deck your swimming will improve ! (paddy provided us with this photo of himself).

Alvaro San Miguel 

As his name suggests originally from Spain but now considered a "Derry Man" Alvaro "Doherty" joined the triathlon club a few years ago and is now an "auld" hand. An exceptional swimmer and runner Alvaro has been using the hills of Donegal to improve his cycling. Alvaro believes that all children should be taught to swim, so true to his beliefs he is on deck on Sunday mornings, so say "Hola" to Alvaro when you seen him.

The Cycling Coaches

Gerry McDermott

Not only is Gerry one of the main cycling coaches he is also the architect behind the formation of the junior section of the club and its first chairman. Regarding his illustrious sporting pedigree Gerry has been in triathlon for over 10 years and has raced all over Ireland in various triathlon distance events. In between growing moustaches' each November Gerry is a keen cyclist and swimmer.

you can contact Gerry at

Austin Cutliffe

Cycling for the best part of the past 15 years, Austin moved to triathlon about 5 years ago. Since then he has move his way up through the various distances and has covered the length and breath of Ireland racing in rivers, lakes, canal's and open water triathlons. Cycling still remains his favoured discipline and has been coaching the junior section  some of the finer points of cycling.

Austin can be contacted on

Running Coaches:

Tommy Mc Callion

know as being rather quiet & shy Tommy has been with the junior club from the start, assisting and organising mostly behind the scenes. Now he is on the front lines and you see him almost every Sunday morning no matter what even is on. Always helpful, always positive and giving of his time Tommy is the race director of the kids Tryathlon which is held at templemore every June which coincidently is Ireland largest junior triathlon attracting over 300 kids each year.

Brigeen Byrne

In 2016 the coach staff was strengthened with the addition of Brigeen Byrne. Brigeen brings a wealth of experience as an accomplished runner herself and also as a qualified running coach.  Part of the backbone of the city of Derry spartana and also the senior Northwest triathlon club, Brigeen is instrumental in the development of our junior running programme and the development of the junior triathletes.

Administration & Club Management 

Aine Taylor

Aine is the junior club secretary and the person who keeps us all in line. We don't function successfully without competent administration keeping everything right. Aine herself a very keen triathlete has competed in various triathlons all across Ireland and has been known to do the odd half marathon and even sneaked in a marathon when no one was looking :-)  

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