Being Triathlon our Training Consists of all the triathlon disciplines Swimming, Biking and Running.

Our training for the remainder of  the 2017 season is as follows; you can also download a (pdf here)

Our coached swim session is each Sunday Morning in the Templemore Sports Complex. All swimmers are asked to be in the water by 9.10am and exit the water by 9.50am. The swimming training is triathlon specific which will consists of speed work, endurance swims and swim improvement drills and focus mostly on front crawl or freestyle as its also known.

there is a minimum swimming requirement of being able to swim 100metres (4 lengths) unassisted.
if we were asked to estimate an age we would say minimum 8 years old
our swim coaches are some of the best not only in Derry but the country who freely give up their Sunday morning to come and coach the local athlete of tomorrow. If you bump into any of them don't be afraid to say thank you. its a small gesture but appreciated by them.
Each Swim session cost £1.50 and this is to cover the cost of hiring the swimming pool and is to be paid on the way into the changing rooms at sign on.
Parents/Guardians you free to go, stay & watch from the spectator gallery or like some are now doing go for a 40 minute run.
Our coached biking session takes place each sunday afternoon starting from the old foyle railway station beside the Craigavon bridge. Normally we split the cyclists up into 3 groups. The session last no longer than 90 minutes and the routes vary depending on weather, pedestrian congestion and other factors. Normally the routes take are "out the line", St Columb's Park and Bay Road Park. Each session has a particular training element to be delivered. some of the elements covered are, balance, breaking, descending, group cycling, off-road cycling considerations to name just a few. What is noticeable already is the physical cycling improvements in the junior cyclists in just a few week.
Group 1. Beginning or Returning to cycling. "learn to cycle"
Group 2. advanced or next steps group. "Step it Up" more speed, more miles
Group 3. Expert or fast group "Train to Compete" focus on endurance 
All cyclists including parents & helpers who accompany the cycling sessions must wear a helmet at all times and your bike must be in a road worthy condition. when you consider the distance being travelled the condition of your bike is of the upmost importance. If your bike is not of a roadworthy condition you/your child may not be allowed to partake in the sessions. Please understand this is for the protection of yourself, your child and the other cyclists in the group. 
Group 1 will cover up to 5 miles or slightly more.
Group 2 will cover up to 15 miles and the speed & decent will be greater the group 1.
Group 3 will cover up to 20 miles at warp speed & hills...
All cyclists must sign on before the session can start, so please make sure upon arrival that you sign on.
Each Cycling session is Free, yes Free that exactly £0.00 and so far the feedback from the young triathletes has been very positive.
our cycling coaches have between them we estimate cycled over 100,000 miles raced in triathlon covering all distances and took park in many long distance cycling events frequently. These coaches are also freely give up their Sunday afternoon to come and coach the local athlete of tomorrow. If you bump into any of them don't be afraid to say thank you. its a small gesture but appreciated by them

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